Crystalyx Extra High Energy

Crystalyx Extra High Energy is a dehydrated molasses block containing a range of nutrients designed to easily supplement the forage intake of sheep to:

  • Improve forage digestibility
  • Increase rumen fermentation
  • Provide valuable nutrients
  • Make it easy to use on hill country farms


When to use Crystalyx Extra High Energy

  • Pre-lambing to provide additional energy for ewes. It will be especially helpful for multiple-bearing ewes, who have a higher nutritional demand
  • After lambing to improve nutritional status of the ewe and support lamb growth
  • For lambs that are being finished on grass or brassicas
  • During flushing and tupping and to help ewe hoggets achieve replacement weights


How to use Crystalyx Extra High Energy

Using Crystalyx Extra High Energy is easy – simply place the tubs in your paddocks and your stock will help themselves. We recommend that you place tubs in areas where you want stock to graze, and avoid placing them near water troughs.

It is essential to have enough tubs at a ratio of 1 x 22.5kg tub for every 50 sheep or 1 x 40kg tub for every 100 sheep.

Typical intakes (per animal): - Sheep: 25 g/day